Water Soluble

5mg CBD Gummies

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Size: 60 Gummies

Many companies make empty claims about the quality of their product however, we have the certifications to prove it, Our quality standards include inspections and tests at every step of the process, from the raw bio-hemp all the way through to a customer ready package we believe that a great product starts with quality ingredients.

Powered by Centuria¹⁰™ (C¹⁰™) a proprietary process that incorporates nanoparticles to increase the surface area of the CBD compound. C¹⁰™ is water-soluble, which makes it incredibly versatile. The small particle size of C¹⁰™ allows for quicker absorption after ingestion when compared to CBD Oil & Isolate products that have taken over the market.

One of the major challenges regarding the use of CBD is maximizing the uptake of orally ingested CBD into the body for extended periods of time with little delay. Our Scientific Study Shows our C¹⁰™ Water Soluble shows a significant reduction in the absorption time compared to CBD isolate and oil tinctures. In just 10 minutes there was more CBD in the bloodstream than the other Isolate and Oil Products had after 2 hours. After just 30 minutes our C¹⁰™ Product peaked at over 10 TIMES higher than regular CBD Oil and Isolate based took between 2-4 Hours to Reach.